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almost ready for CD release!

by alberstrio on January 4, 2011

We have seen quite a bit of each other recently and will continue the trend over the next couple of months. It is rare that we all spend the holidays in the same place, but since Mom lives in Hawaii and she’s turning 60 in January, we three plus spouses found our way to the tropics to celebrate Christmas and an early birthday! We even performed a movement of a Brahms quartet as a birthday toast (with Becca on violin!). On the 27th, we began our journeys home/to the next destination. Becca made it back to Minnesota and Julie and I got to New York in no less than three days. Whew!

As I write this, I am on a plane home from NY. After being away since the beginning of December, I can’t wait to sleep in my own bed, ride my bike and see my friends! I’ll make a quick turnaround, since we begin this season’s Trio rehearsals on Sunday in Minnesota. I hope our CD will be ready to release during the days we are together in Minnesota. It has been a long time in coming and as I prepare our first Trio newsletter of 2011, I am looking back on the one I wrote at the beginning of 2010. We had, at the time, hoped to be done with our CD by summer. In fact, the one thing that only took the amount of time we thought it would was the actual recording. We booked three days in a studio and by the end of the three days, our recording had to be finished. Now, several months after our hoped-for summer release, we are finally almost done! Trying to find the time for this sort of project in our busy year, which included two weddings and a new job, among other things, was a surprising challenge. Each edit had to be listened to by all three of us, then after thorough discussion of each point, we’d send an e-mail back to our engineer. Andreas would then work on what we’d discussed and send it back to us. Then we’d repeat the entire process. During the actual recording session, there were microphones on each of us and also in the room to pick up the group sound. Andreas worked with different mixes of our sound to create the final mastered CD. He initially mixed a movement of each the Martinu and the Mozart and sent us these files through an FTP server, which I then download into our shared Dropbox for easier access. Each of us listened on several types of speakers- including home stereos, car stereos, computers, noise canceling headphones and friend’s sound systems. It was amazing how not only the sound changed, but the instruments had different “positions in the room” depending on each setup. By the time we’d decided on our final mastering, we were all in Hawaii and Andreas fed-exed us a copy of the entire CD for approval before he uploaded the files on to Oasis’s website. In the midst of these musical discussions, our designer was furiously working on a CD design which met all three of our approval and upheld his design integrity. Kai had endless patience with us and my husband acted as our go-between, translating all of our jumbled e-mails to Kai in design terms. There were lengthy video chat discussions, tears of frustration, excitement at seeing each new design, and hours spent fixing up the wording for our CD booklet. The only words in order long before the design process began were the great program notes written by Beeri. The CD design and CD mastering were completed right about the time I realized there were more legal papers to put in order. I scrambled during my free time in Hawaii, making phone calls and filling out forms. Miraculously, when Julie arrived home in NY, most of her mail had been held, but the one paper we needed was sitting in her box. She and I looked over our CD album proofs to check for coloring today and they are now in the mail for Becca’s final approval. Once this is done, I will call Oasis and the production of our CD will be begin!

Our newsletter will go out as soon as the CD is finished. You’ll hear about our upcoming season, Concerts in Motion (the musical charity we are working with), and find out how to purchase the Albers Trio CD. Be sure to subscribe via our  newly remodeled website if you haven’t already. Cheers to 2011, a new year full of health, wealth and happiness!

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