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the recording process

by laura on April 8, 2010

We began our recording session three weeks ago today, although it feels like much more time has passed.  We have collectively flow about 22,000 miles since then and currently I’m the only one not on the road.

Our three days in the recording studio are documented in this final video of our “CD-in-the-works” series.   It is the longest movie yet, but fitting three days into eight minutes was no easy feat!  Please click here to be directed to the Vimeo webpage and use the password alberstrio.  Near the end of the movie, we all give our thoughts on the entire recording process.  Looking back on it now, it is easy to see the exhaustion and relief in each of us but also the simple joy of completing the most difficult step in this project, which had been in the planning for over a year.


During the drive back to the city, we took turns exclaiming, “Wow, it’s really over!” and “I can’t believe we actually did it!” and “I never thought this day would come!”.  I think what surprised us the most was, upon going our separate ways, we actually decided we’d meet up later for dinner and celebratory drinks.  More fun pictures will soon be posted on our facebook page.

Finally, we want to thank Andreas Meyer of Meyer Media and the Clubhouse’s engineer, Matt, for keeping the entire process running smoothly.  Andreas was tolerant, funny, full of very helpfully insights and generally the best producer we could have found anywhere.   Matt assisted with anything and everything, and, most importantly, kept us happily fed!

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  1. You made it too easy for me. I couldn’t have had more fun just listening to the beautiful music you performed for me. I look forward to jumping into the post production.
    Brava Albers Trio!!!

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