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by laura on November 14, 2009

Trio season begins in a month. It’s going to be a busy month for all of us, including trio music preparation, other work and, for two of us, a Honolulu vacation to visit our parents. Trio preparation involves studying both our own parts and the score of all three parts to see how they are put together. We also listen to various recordings, exploring musical ideas and interpretation. YouTube is a fun resource because it’s easily shared and at least for me, I tend to have a better attention span when I’m watching rather than just listening. This year we are touring with a string trio by Ross Bauer, a composer at UC Davis. In works like his “Tathata” it is especially beneficial for us to know both our own part and every complexity of how it fits with the other two. This drastically improves our efficiency in the initial rehearsals. We will begin our rehearsal cycle in Ann Arbor so Becca can split her time between trio and U of M juries. I’ll arrive straight from Hawaii (cheering Mom on as she runs her first marathon!) and Julie from teaching in Atlanta. This weekend I’m heading to Colorado with my fiancĂ© to meet with caterers and sample wedding cake. I’m hoping to enjoy a little snow also! I’ll fly from Denver to Las Vegas for a recital with Julie. As the month progresses, I’ll wrap up opera season and the last few performances of Othello. Julie and Becca will go about their daily lives, performing, teaching and spending free moments with significant others and pets. Becca has two new adorable cats and Julie’s puppy still gets four walks a day! Our lives individually are full and wonderful but we’re all looking forward to sister time!

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