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Tour end/ music programming

by laura on April 8, 2009

I’m in the Denver airport, heading to the east coast for a few days before finally heading home to San Francisco. We had a whirlwind tour of four states and seven concerts. This was the trio’s first tour and it lasted just two weeks. What I mean specifically by “tour” is being on the road together for an extended period of time instead of, like last year, flying home and having days or weeks off between sets of concerts. The week before this tour, we played two concerts in San Francisco, and we will reconvene in San Antonio for our final concert of the season next weekend.

Playing multiple concerts in a row can be taxing, both mentally & physically.
We kept our playing fresh by performing slightly different programs each night. Every program was derived from a combination of this year’s five chosen trios. We put certian works together with others based on length, style, and preference of the concert presentor. Each year our manager requests three sample programs, which she will then pass along to the next season’s presentors. Some of them will choose one of our sample programs and others will leave it up to us. We already submitted our sample programs for 2010. Next year’s music was chosen based on the plan to record our first CD at the end of the season. It will be most beneficial for us to “live with” and perform the music for several months before recording it.
I plan to go into more detail about our concerts and locations but now my plane is about to take off (on time!). Check back soon to hear about our time in Ohio, Pennsylvania & New York!

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