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San Antonio

by laura on April 18, 2009

I seem to always feel inspired to write on airplanes. We just left San Francisco, taking off through thick fog, which has been unusually absent until today. I love the moment when we pop through the fog and the plane is filled with sunlight. Leaving San Francisco today, we enjoyed the sun moment, along with gorgeous rolling hills just past the blanket of clouds. Amazing! It almost made me forget about the egg & cheese croissant I paid for and left on the deli counter. Such a bummer. Fortunately I packed plenty of food. I was just really looking forward to the greasy, salty, flakey goodness. On second thought, airport croissants are never flakey and I’m probably better off without it.

I’m meeting the girls in San Antonio, TX this afternoon. I’ve never been to Texas before and am quite enthusiastic about my first visit. We are staying at a very nice hotel on the Riverwalk and the forcast promises temperatures in the 80s! Julie, always on water alert, e-mailed yesterday to remind us to bring our swimsuits for the rooftop hot tub.

Julie found and booked this particular hotel. Often times the presenter does this or recommends where the series gets a good rate. Generally each of us has her own room, which is best since we spend so much time together in the car and rehearsing. This time the hotel was completely up to us so we decided to splurge on a nice, centrally located place and share a suite. This is our last concert as a trio until July and, sadly, the last time I will see Becca until summer. I am anticipating feeling major sister-withdrawl next week!

We have a full schedule the next few days. We arrive (hopefully) within an hour of each other, in time for a short rehearsal. We anticipate exploring the Riverwalk and eating a good meal tonight. Tomorrow morning I hope to get up early and fit in a run before it gets too hot. One or more sister will join me, depending on who brought workout clothes. Mid-morning we’ll have a photo shoot with photographer, William McEwan. He is creating a portrait series of classical musicians and asked us to participate! After photos, we will head over to the performance space for a rehearsal and sound-check. Our concert is at 3:15. Strange. Dinner will be with board members and hopefully our wonderful manager. She attends one performance a year of each artist she represents and will be joining us in San Antonio this year. On Monday morning we’ll do an outreach performance at an all-girls Catholic prep school. I heard that the school opened it up to anyone interested and received an overwhelming response, so there will be a big group!

After that, it’s back to the airport and home to our seperate cities. We will reconvene again in July for vacation and a concert at the YMCA of the Rockies!

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