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Fiesta y más

by laura on April 20, 2009

I don’t speak much Spanish anymore but sure wished I did this past weekend in San Antonio! Thanks to the San Antonio Chamber Music Society’s schedule, our concert was during Fiesta week. We made it to the Marketplace, full of vendors, live music and drunk people Saturday night. We went easy on the margaritas in preparation for our long day Sunday.

Sunday morning was gorgeous so a run along the river followed by a rooftop hottub soak was a perfect start.
Then we met William McEwan and his wife for pictures. He set up on the sidewalk near the hotel and his very large old style camera and under-the-blanket picture taking (those are not the technical terms!) attracted quite a few curious bystanders. The wind was blowing our hair in all the wrong directions but we’re excited to see the finished product in a couple of months. William will turn one of their bathrooms into a darkroom and produce 8×10 negatives of each!

Our afternoon performance was well attended, especially considering we were competing with Fiesta. We felt at times like a comedy show on stage- particularly when entering and exiting. Our dresses were getting tangled under foot, stuck to heels and on steps. Julie nearly plowed me over when I had to stop suddenly and she was looking down. We took a very awkward bow, shoulder to shoulder and stumbled off stage again.

We spent the rest of the evening eating and drinking, first at a Chinese restaurant with patrons of the series, then on the Riverwalk. The Mariachi Mexicanos showed up at our table, asking for requests. I put in mine, which resulted in laughter then a very lively rendition of Yo No Fuí. We took a picture with them, then were enthusiastically serenaded again.

Monday dawned too early but we were excited about another outreach performance. The girls at Providence were an excellent audience, even though the temperature was rising. I took a survey at the end as to which piece they preferred. Between Mozart, Villa-Lobos (more modern but still pretty tonal, 1945) and Magnussen (a 12 tone composition, 1978), the response was pretty equal. I love that we can play such a varied program and know that there’s music in it for everyone! Afterward, we took a tour of the historic home next to the school where the nuns used to reside. In it’s original form, it was a private home where the first San Antonio symphony auditions were held! The school is now fixing it up and we posed for pictures in our construction zone hard hats. These and other pictures will soon be posted!

We ate delicious Mexican food for lunch and I hear the mole recipe changes frequently so I hope to try it again next time. We walked off lunch in the King William district, originally a German settlement, full of beautiful historic homes and confederate jasmine in full bloom. We were lucky to have tour guides, knowledgable of both the history and the current residents.

That concludes Fiesta y más and also our spring concerts. Stay tuned for Albers Trio updates!

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